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Baffin P1 Kayak Limited Edition
Baffin P1 Kayak Limited Edition

Baffin P1 Kayak Limited Edition


The Baffin series was built to endure the challenges of rough seas. Their distinctive hull design offers paddlers a lively yet stable experience, distinguishing it from other Greenland-style kayaks. The series is comprised of three rotomolded plastic models, catering to a diverse range of paddlers seeking immediate control and predictability. The Baffin is equipped with a full complement of deck rigging and a comfortably outfitted cockpit. Reflective deck lines are a standard safety feature on all our kayaks, visible in low light and night-time conditions.

Limited edition colors are exclusively sold through our trusted dealer partners. CLICK HERE to find a dealer near you. We recommend calling ahead to ensure that the dealer carries your specific model and color.

Flex 4 Seat with Drytech

The Flex 4 Seat offers a tailored fit with adjustable backband and adjustable height for the seat base . Featuring a perforated base for efficient water drainage and covered in quick-drying Drytec fabric, it guarantees comfort and practicality for your kayaking adventures.

Skeg System

Adjustable fin on the kayak's underside for enhanced tracking and stability, providing control in various water conditions by aiding in maintaining a straight course.

Day Hatch

Convenient access to essentials during your paddling adventures.

Dual Sealed Storage Hatches

Two secure compartments for organized storage.

Integrated Bulkheads

Ensures safety and buoyancy for a worry-free experience.

Self-Rescue Safety Straps

Integrated straps for secure re-entry into the kayak after a capsize, enabling independent self-rescue for enhanced safety on the water.

Length: 16' 6" (504 cm)
Width: 21.5" (54.6 cm)
Height: 12" (30.5 cm)
Weight: 62.4 lbs (28.3 kg)
Maximum capacity: 225 lbs (102 kg))
Outer cockpit dimensions: 34.3 x 18.3” (87 x 46.5 cm)
Beluga Skirt Size: L