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Passage Ultralight Tandem Kayak Limited Edition
Passage Ultralight Tandem Kayak Limited Edition

Passage Ultralight Tandem Kayak Limited Edition


The Passage is a swift and lightweight tandem kayak with a stable hull, catering to both new and experienced paddlers. Our thoughtfully designed cockpits accommodate paddlers of all sizes, ensuring outstanding comfort for an afternoon cruise or a multi-day trip. Not only is the Passage incredibly stable, making it ideal for activities like fishing, photography, and wildlife viewing, but it also boasts a long waterline length, impressive volume, a "dry ride," and overall comfort. This kayak is a capable long-range cruiser while maintaining the enjoyment of an afternoon paddle. The seat features high visibility reflective piping.

Limited edition colors are exclusively sold through our trusted dealer partners. CLICK HERE to find a dealer near you. We recommend calling ahead to ensure that the dealer carries your specific model and color.

Rudder System

Effortlessly enhance your kayaking experience with the Boreal Design Rudder system, providing precise control and improved maneuverability for smoother navigation on the water.

Flex 4 Seat with Drytech

The Flex 4 Seat offers a tailored fit with adjustable height for both the seat base and backrest. Featuring a perforated base for efficient water drainage and covered in quick-drying Drytech fabric, it guarantees comfort and practicality for your kayaking adventures.

Dual Sealed Storage Hatches

Two secure compartments for organized storage.

Integrated Bulkheads

Ensures safety and buoyancy for a worry-free experience.

Length: 18' (550 cm)
Width: 28" (72 cm)
Height: 12" (30.5 cm)
Weight: 83.8 lbs (38 kg)
Maximum capacity: 549 lbs (249 kg)
Outer cockpit dimensions: 40.9 x 21.3” (104 x 54 cm)
Beluga Skirt Size: 4XL